Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello? Is anybody home?

You may have wondered if I am still here. The fact of the matter is, we've been getting our life in order, consolidating things, and we bought a house on the Connecticut River, and are more than knee deep in a major renovation.
It has been consuming thoughts, emotions, finances, and most of all, time. Still it is a very good thing.  

My garage space is packed with boxes, and more boxes--filled to the gills.  My toolbox is heaped to the place of immobility; however, and unbeknownst to my wife, I sneak in the quick turn of the wrench, a quick peek at an engine part, and my brainy wheels keep turning and stay in mesh.
Of course, my problem is that the projects that I started, have now skewed into a different direction. Time will tell if it's better.

As the house is finished, more importantly, as the garage is finished (and I haven't even gone there yet), learning how to say "wicked cool" with all the Mass folks, will have to stay on hold for just a little while more.

Meanwhile, I will start to update more frequently with stories about some interesting folks I've met over the years, along with some tech stuff and other "wicked cool"minutiae.

Stay tuned. And, thanks for your patience.